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Ireland: A Photographers’ Guide

OK hands up, I have to admit I have never been to Ireland, the nearest I get is when my pal Brendan has his parents over for a visit so I am not an authoritative guide to the emerald isle. However Carsten Krieger seems to know a bit. This article covers the ground, how much, I don’t know never having been there. If it was a photographers guide to Laos or Syria or even Australia I could help but Ireland, no….

Trends affect all of us: It can be the latest equipment, new techniques and even where to go to make images. At the moment Iceland seems to be the place to go if you want to be trendy, and images of an iceberg on a lonely beach are constantly popping up all over the Internet.

Many years ago another island was the desired destination for the traveling photographer: Ireland. There were no icebergs on beaches but Ireland produced its own stereotypes: Green fields divided by stone walls, thatched and white washed cottages (or their ruins) and plenty of red-haired ‘characters’……..


The Burren is also famous for a very unusual flora: It’s a mix of Mediterranean, alpine and arctic flowers. Spring Gentians grow side by side with orchids, mountain avens and other species and transform the grey landscape into a colorful rock garden from April to September. 

There are a number of pages to digest with details and information on a photographic trip to Ireland here are the links you need



http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2181628478/ireland-a-photographers-guide/3    etc


If I would have to recommend one location in Ireland to visit this would probably be it. The Antrim Coast and Glens not only have the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO world heritage site, all of the northern and eastern coast offers photographic opportunities at each and every step: Cliffs made of both basalt, chalk and sandstone, sandy beaches, hidden coves and eerie castles. In addition there are the nine glens that open to the eastern coast, each with rivers, cascades and forests.