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Nikon D4s review



From Digital Camera World

Hi, I’m Angela Nicholson, head of testing for Future’s photography portfolio and today I’m going to reviewing the Nikon D4S, the upgrade to the D4.

Nikon tells us that the Nikon D4S has a new full-frame or FX format sensor with 16.23million effective pixels. The Nikon D4 has 16.25 million effective pixels – so there’s very little difference and the pixel pitch is the same.

Nikon isn’t willing to divulge how the Nikon D4S’s sensor design differs from the Nikon D4’s, but the combination of it and the new Expeed 4 processing engine has allowed the company to increase the native sensitivity range by 1 stop making it ISO100 to 25,600.

The headline grabber, however, is the maximum expansion setting, which has been pushed to a whopping ISO 409,600.

Achieving an image at this setting is impressive, but the results aren’t especially pretty and there’s banding visible even at quite small viewing sizes.

However, it’s worth remembering that this is an expansion setting, so Nikon isn’t intending for it to be used routinely. It’s designed for use in one-off situations when getting an image in near darkness is essential or a huge bonus. It could prove useful to photo journalists working in war zones or disaster areas for example.

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Nikon unveils the D4S

Nikon is calling its D4S a “true master of the dark”, offering photographers an ISO range extendable to a record 409,600


Available from 06 March at a retail price of £5200, the new D4S sports a redesigned 16.2-megapixel FX sensor and the Expeed 4 image processor. It has a burst rate of 11 frames per second at full resolution, and is protected by “a tough weather-sealed full metal body”, Nikon claims.
“The Nikon D4S follows the success of the D4 and brings with it a new level of performance designed to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers,” says Hiro Sebata, professional product manager at Nikon UK, in a press statement. “Nikon engineers have taken on board valuable feedback from professional users in order to implement a wealth of improvements that will make all the difference to professionals working in the intensely competitive fields of sports, press and nature photography. Equipped to power ahead in the most challenging environments, the D4S ensures serious photographers stay ahead of the game.”
But by far the most important upgrade is in the camera’s low-light capabilities. The D4S has an ISO range of 100 to 25,600, extendable to “an industry-leading 409,600,” it says. “A true master of the dark as well as of the light, sophisticated localised noise reduction, edge sharpening and tone control ensure the D4S delivers outstanding results in the kind of ‘dirty’ low-light conditions many sports and news photographers are confronted with.”
The D4S also had a new shutter and mirror mechanism that reduces mirror bounce to deliver “a stable viewfinder image with minimal viewfinder blackout when shooting at high speeds,” Nikon explains, a Gigabit 100/1000TX Ethernet port, a Multi-CAM3500FX 51-point autofocus system, a new Group Area AF mode and an anti-reflective 3.2-inch LCD monitor. from BJP

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