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Best DSLR Cameras 2013

There is always a bit of subjectivity involved with such lists, we can’t help it we all have preferences based on little objective observation, having said that opinions in the major magazines and websites are based on something more than just personality.

What Digital Camera has these as the best of 2013

Canon EOS 1100D

Street price: £300 body onlyCanon EOS 1100D

The Canon EOS 1100D (also known as the Rebel T3 in some territories) is equipped with a 12.4MP CMOS sensor and a nine-point AF system as well as being compatible with Canon’s huge range of EF-mount lenses.

Better still, the body-only price has fallen from around £500 at launch to around £300, making it excellent value for money and rightfully one of the best entry-level DSLRs on the market.

Best DSLR for: Those on a budget

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Nikon D3200

Street price: £450 body onlyNikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is one of the strongest entry-level DSLRs on the market. As well as a helpful Guide Mode to assist newcomers, its new 14.2MP CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 imagine engine make for detailed stills.

Although it’s not the cheapest entry-level DSLR available, it offers an impressive level of performance and the chance to expand in to Nikon’s DSLR system.

Best DSLR for: Entry-level photographers wanting a bit more 

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Pentax K-5 IIPentax K-5 II

Street price: £700 body only

The Pentax K5-II is a relatively minor upgrate on the Pentax K-5, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the model as the K-5 was a fantastic mid-range DSLR. The model offers a great level of performance and great build quality, including a weather-resistant body.

Best DSLR for: A rugged build

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Sony Alpha A58

Street price: £399 with kit lens

Sony A58The Sony A58 is the latest in Sony’s growning range of SLT cameras. It represents great value for money – currently generally available with a kit lens for under £400 – and features a specification well suited to those looking for a dependable shooter.

Highlights of the specification include an all-new 20.1MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor which, when paired with Sony’s BIONZ image processor, offers a reliable standard of image quality. The benefits of the SLT technology include an eye-catching burst rate of 8fps, as well as good AF performance and an ample EVF, should that be to your liking.

Best DSLR for: Advanced AF performance at an affordable price

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Canon EOS 650D

Street price: £500 body onlyCanon EOS 650D    

The EOS 650D offers touch screen control via the camera’s 3in, 1040k-dot vari-angle LCD monitor, along with an improved 18MP CMOS sensor and 1080p Full HD movie capture at 30fps. In addition, the 650D also sees a noticeable boost in autofocus performance over its predecessor along with a rise in continuous shooting speed from 3.5fps to 5fps. Overall image quality is very good too, with consistent metering and pleasing colour and tonality. A bit of an all-rounder is the 650D.

Best DSLR for: All-round performance and value

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If you want a list by brand and price you cannot beat the 7 pages from Tech Radar

Always my first port of call when considering new cameras is DP Review their Ten Best DSLR can be found here

Pocket Lint have an easier written style and come up with similar recommendations as the other sites, if you need a bit of hand holding go here


So based on a round up of the various sites this seems to be the main recommendations. If you are planning to buy anything more expensive than those listed here you really do need to do your own research. I have only included Nikon or Canon in my abbreviated list because although Pentax and Sony might make good cameras in class I find people have far more problems navigating these than the two main manufacturers.

Entry level

Canon EOS 1100D: Nikon D3200 here is a comparison article

Best mid range

Nikon 5200D (5300D just released); Canon D100 here is a comparison article

Best pro/am

Nikon D7100; Canon 7D  here is a comparison article

Nikon D3200 – new dslr camera

Nikon have announced their new entry level camera the D3200. The strapline for advertising this new camera is “I am easy for everyone” when did anything good come out of it being easy. Anything that has value and worth and is satisfying requires skill and attention to the process, a camera that is easy for everyone sounds like a camera I would not want to be associated with. Why not just sell them a basic compact camera? Surely anyone with the mindset of buying a camera because it is easy would prefer something light, portable, technically and intellectually undemanding and pocketable, we have those they are called compact cameras.

A party. A smile. A memory you don’t want to forget. Capture those not‑to‑be‑missed moments with the new Nikon D3200. The D3200 is packed full of features to give you professional‑looking photos, without any of the complications. Its Guide Mode acts as your in‑built expert, giving you brilliant results step by step. While its 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor helps you create images with incredible depth of detail ‑ you’ll soon have the photos and videos you always wanted. ” Nikon advertising

Can I ask when did having more pixels to play with generate ….”you’ll soon have the photos and videos you always wanted. “ I thought pixels were just part of the deal and the most important component of any decent image was what was behind the camera.

Nikon seem to have lost the faith; that professional looking photos come from professional photographers with professional equipment. If this camera were able to turn the unknowing into professional photographers what is the point of the super professional D3X Nikon camera at nearly £5,300 without a lens (add another £1,000)

The simplification of the use of cameras does not make for professional photography, cameras are/were simple enough in the first place. Understand aperture, shutter and ISO and you are pretty much there, how hard can it be?

If you don’t understand these basics take one of our DSLR courses

So the new D3200, what does it offer?…. this is what Nikon chose to highlight in the email they sent out

24.2 mpx

Guide Mode to ensure brilliant results every time

Full HD (1080p) Movie to always capture those special moments

Turn your images into something really special with a selection of special effects

This link takes you to the Nikon website with the details

Sorry to sound so sour but this new DSLR sounds like an over large compact camera, I am surprised it doesn’t have a button to allow for uploading directly to a plethora of social networking sites……. Too soon, I spoke too soon, while researching more about this “I am easy” camera I found details in the BJP of an accessory that “Nikon has unveiled a new accessory, which combined with the new D3200 announced today, will allow users to share their images on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter via their smartphones” I might puke. Why would you want 24 megapixels if you aim is to upload to Facebook? Further information from the BJP here

The excellent DP review has already details with the full specification here