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How to Photograph Museums and Galleries

If you visit here regularly you will know we are fans of Tom Dining, his good sense and thoughtful approach are things we value. This post by Tom on the Lightstalking site also fits with our views. Museums are great places to photograph, as long as you are allowed, which in the UK is becoming a rare opportunity. The British Museum in London allows photography as does the Ashmolean and the Natural History in Oxford. Fascinating places all of them and often great lighting.

“Behind the often stolid walls of our galleries and museums lies objects of often indescribable beauty. Art, archaeology, artifacts taken out of their context and displayed for us to admire, comprehend, understand and where we often feel the inadequacy of our own capacity to duplicate, replicate, imitate or emulate.

Photo by Tom Dinning

Never fear. These are also places where you can produce your own piece of art; photographs. Not necessarily of the art work, but all the contents of the building.”….more

I have spent many enjoyable hours photographing in museums and galleries, here are just a couple from my archive