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Cardiff International Festival of Photography

This festival has been running throughout May and ends on the 31st so this Bank Holiday weekend might be the chance you need to go and see what looks to be a really impressive range of exhibitions. as it says

A month long festival of exhibitions, discussions, screenings, performances, events and celebrations in both physical and virtual spaces and places.

And Where are We Now?

This was the question we asked artists, cultural producers, curators and programmers to address with their contributions to Diffusion2013, and the one we will be exploring with audiences and participants.

People encounter photographic images daily not only in newspapers, magazines, on TV and in advertising, but also through online channels, mobile phone applications and social networking sites. We live in a time of image glut, and with the boundaries increasingly blurred between artist and audience, amateur and professional, we might ask and where is photography now? The world has never before been so visualised, yet the nature and meaning of photography and its status in art has never been so hotly debated……MORE


Maybe the most famous photographer showing is David Bailey, no the real one not the one you are associated with every time you bring out your camera as in “who do you think you are….”


Lewis Merthyr Colliery, Trehafod, from The Valleys Project, 1985 (c) David Bailey

At The Tramshed


Attack of the Killer, 2012 © Paul Duerinckx

Paul Duerinckx is a documentary photographer based in Swansea. His practice is based primarily on documenting people and place with a specific interest in street photography and the evolving roles of documentary photography and photojournalism as they respond to the ever-shifting mediums and institutions in which they manifest.


Tom Leyshon Watching the News, 1985 © Mike Berry at Tramshed


Drift, 2011 © Tim Davies at National Museum Cardiff

There are many more exhibitions, photographers and artists have a look here