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A review of some of the better tripod brands

This brief but informative article from Improve Photography definitely chimes with what I think about tripods, buy a good one and you can pass it on to your grand children.

“Buying a tripod is an absolutely agonizing process.  I was reminded of my past experiences in buying a tripod when I listened to a podcast from Marko Kulik this week.  Unless you’re an absolute beginner in photography, you already know how important a rock solid tripod and ballhead can be.  If you buy a high-quality tripod, you will likely own it for at least 10 years before needing to replace it, so choosing a tripod can be quite difficult.”...more

I have always been a Manfrotto fan but know many people who love their Gitzos, Benbos and Induros, it is up to you but remeber you need to choose legs and a head and there is huge choice there also so do the research and pay what you have to. Final piece of advice get a tripod bag, makes carrying so much easier