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7 Tips for Photographing Kids

Digital Photo School over in Melbourne have many useful tutorials and guides, this one caught my eye as I had recently seen some very poor examples of kids photography. This article is by Darlene Hildebrandt

Notice something about the title of the article? It doesn’t say how to take “portraits” of kids! Kids, especially those five and under, pretty much dictate how the photography session is going to unfold, and it usually involves moving. Fast! Over the years my style has evolved from format portraiture with medium format film camera (which is NOT conducive to movement) to 35mm, and finally to digital. Digital allows much more freedom of motion and with a few tips you should be on your way to some great photos of kids. 


  • have patience
  • be ready
  • get down to their level
  • using natural light or flash
  • choose your focus mode carefully
  • be a goofball
  • let them run the session, don’t try and control it

_MG_6388©Keith Barnes

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/7-tips-for-photographing-kids#ixzz2e2Mo7UyI