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Camera Bags

OK we know that there are thousands of camera bags to choose from and that making that choice is difficult. Thinking about what sort of photographer you are might be a good place to start. Do you need all your kit with you all the time just in case, or do you prefer to work light, one body, one lens. I have a selection of bags, one keeps everything and the others I use by decanting the kit I need for a particular shoot or expedition. My main bag with everything is a Lowe Pro rucksack. I far prefer a rucksack for transporting my cameras, I like having the weight properly balanced and in a place where it will do least damage to my back. I chose the Lowe Pro because it conforms to airline cabin luggage size. My bags of choice have always been, well for about 10 years since I first found them, Crumpler bags from Australia, then you could only by them from a small shop in Sydney, now they are world wide with distributors everywhere. This link will take you to the UK site These are very cool bags with a very cool website for…well cool people. You can buy Crumpler bags in a variety of places but go to their site first.

Here are just a couple to whet you appetite

Wandering around I found the site written by Kimberly Gautier and something she had written about bags and being incognito, this is not such a bad thing, we don’t need to advertise we have expensive kit on board, part of the reason I like Crumplers. I followed a link on her site to a site called Kelly Moore which sells bags for women that just don’t look like camera bags, perfectly incognito, here is a link to Kelly Moore

There is a big selection of these types of bags so if you don’t like the look of these there is bound to be something¬† you might like, what do I know, I’m just a bloke really!

There are also Kelly Moore bags for men and although less of a choice still really nice looking bags and bags that don’t look like camera bags here is one

It is worth checking out Kelly’s photography too, some interesting images there

Links again


Kimberley Gautier

Kelly Moore