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When by your pool….

Take a dip: shimmering pool-scapes by Karine Laval

Found this in The Telegraph


Paris-born, New York-based photographer Karine Laval has always been fascinated by water. “We often take it for granted and think of it as a simple, common substance,” she says, “but it is mysterious and complex, with many implications in our lives….I find [it] appeasing, meditative and exhilarating. It speaks to the senses and it can be a vehicle for transformation and self-reflection, too.”

Between 2002 and 2006 she travelled throughout Europe photographing outdoor swimming pools, in part in to revisit memories from her childhood. Next she took a break from working in New York and visited a friend in the Dominican Republic. “In this tropical setting, by the pool, I became fascinated by the liquid landscapes appearing and fading away like dreams…it seemed to echo my shifting states of mind, and I couldn’t resist trying to capture them.” When she returned home, she expanded the series to include include private American pools in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and in Fire Island and Long Island.

“I see the pool as a metaphor,” says Laval, “a mirror whose surface reflects the surrounding world but is also a gate into another, dream-like world.”


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