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Extreme Dogs lifestyle

I am really pleased to have found Intelligent Life, no I haven’t been ‘visited’ or ‘taken’ but by sheer chance discovered an excellent on line magazine, this article is about dogs. If you want to see all the excellent photo galleries on Intelligent Life then just go here

“I like to use photography as a way of extending people’s experiences,” says Tim Flach. To encourage viewers to see things differently, he takes pictures of animals from below, through a glass floor, he uses extreme close-ups and photographs horses underwater or using X-rays……Flach is best known for abstract images of animals. His book “Equus” (2008) lingered over swirling manes and made the swell of horses’ backs look like mountain ranges. “Less is more,” he says, quoting the architect Mies van der Rohe. But Flach uses abstraction in a surprising way.….more

All pictures by Tim Flach