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Photography industry shows mass opposition to government copyright changes

More than 70 organisations representing photographers, agencies and picture libraries – from Associated Press, Getty Images, Magnum Photos to the Press Association, Reuters and Tate – have joined forces, urging Parliament to vote against proposed changes to UK copyright law, BJP can exclusively reveal………..”The reason why all these organisations came together is because these proposals to change the UK’s copyright law will have a serious adverse impact on everybody in the visual creative industry,” Serena Tierney, head of Intellectual Property at law firm Bircham Dyson Bell, tells BJP

This is not scare mongering, this law will have an impact on everyone who has ever uploaded an image and not placed meta-data and copyright information on the image. READ MORE HERE

Proposed UK copyright changes spark worldwide protests

There have been a lot of concerns over the way the British government planned to ease copyright restrictions. This is a difficult problem to solve as most of the world thinks it is ok to grab images and use them because they were ‘on the web’. However there is no doubt that many photographers are happy for their images to be used as long as they get a credit on the basis that any publicity must help, there are also many that want to guard their copyright at every turn. Read the full article by Olivier Laurent in the BJP here

US organisations representing photographers and photo agencies have written to the UK government to oppose proposed changes to the country’s copyright laws that would make it legal to use “foreign works without the knowledge and permission of the copyright owners”