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Is It Worth Sticking With Flickr?

Flickr is fast approaching it’s ten year birthday and has had over 8 billion photographs uploaded to it but in recent years it has been overtaken by services like 500px, Instagram and even Facebook when it comes to deciding where to share your photos on the web. It’s not so much that Flickr was offering a bad service, it was just offering almost the same service as when it started up.

After rumours that Yahoo! may be looking to let Flickr go or even close it down a new CEO, Marissa Mayer, was appointed mid-way through last year and things have started to change. So is it worth sticking with Flickr? Let’s look at the pros and cons…read more here

On Lightstalking  Mark McGowan writes. Mark is a UK based urban landscape and architectural photographer, looking for the hidden details of city life, trying to show the city from a different point of view. You can visit his website here.

Alison Ryde

Alison Ryde

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Click Here: Is It Worth Sticking With Flickr?

Finding Gems

I love the way on a lazy Sunday the internet allows you to wander far and wide and sometimes find gems. Yesterday I happened upon a Flickr stream  of Duncan Salisbury-Gaumont His images are so well seen and beautifully realised I encourage you to go an have a look. It is a style, if sunsets or flowers are your main interest you may not get his images, here is a taste