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Photographers have rights too – it’s official, Teresa May says so

From the pages of the excellent BJP comes this

“Security guards have no right to prevent street photography,” says Home Office

Street Photography Rights

“The Home Office and the British Security Industry Association have published a new set of guidelines for security guards confirming that photography in public places is legal and cannot be restricted, More than a year after Home Secretary Theresa May launched a review of the UK’s counter-terrorims and security powers, a new set of guidelines have been published for security guards, who, in an increasing number of cases, have been accused of preventing professional photographers from working in public places.” Author: Olivier Laurent   if you want more go here
This from Amateur Photographer magazine,  “The four-page guidance is entitled Photography and Hostile Reconnaissance and has been drawn up by the Home Office in conjunction with the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA)”   Download it here

You have to laugh really, doesn’t Theresa May have more to deal with at the moment than telling a bunch of knuckle headed jobs-worths that taking pictures is perfectly legal, and what difference will it make that she says so. Do you think she will next gather those who guard our borders and explain that their job is to check the credentials of people entering the country?

May’s review, whose findings were unveiled in January 2011, called for the “guidance provided to private security guards be reevaluated to ensure that it sufficiently reflects the right of the public to take photographs.