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5 Steps to Getting Better HDR Photographs in Photomatix

Photomatix is one of the most popular HDR software options, when you read blogs everyone seems to be talking about it. Over at Lightstalking they have produce a short list of tips that will help you to get the best out of HDR using Photomatix

Photomatix has been the leading HDR photography software since 2003. While HDR photography has been around as an idea for many years, HDRsoft made it a public sensation with the advent of Photomatix. The most recent release of the Pro version of the software, version 4.2, is a major step up and ensures that Photomatix will stay among the HDR leaders in software for some time to come.

While the software is very easy to use, and pretty self-explanatory, there are some helpful tips for the beginner to HDR photography.

Dave Hill’s extraordinary HDR Photography

So often the term HDR sends me into a spasm of frustration, used well it can be a terrific aid to digital photography  just have a look at CambridgeInColour.com to see what I mean.  Dave Hill also uses HDR, not as CIC to make something look more realistic but to give the image a different quality whilst still managing to avoid the HDR overkill.  David Hill, a well-​​known com­mer­cial pho­tog­ra­pher and artist uses HDR to good effect. The visual impact and dis­tinc­tive post pro­cess­ing look of Dave Hill’s work is very strong, which has become to be known as “The Dave Hill Look”. His work doesn’t come from a 2 minute pro­ce­dure in Pho­to­shop. I think this is can not be done by sim­ply using an action. It seems Dave spends hours on his pho­tos to get that stun­ning result, there is just too much detail on every image, his light­ing setup isn’t com­mon, it’s specif­i­cally apply as a fin­ish­ing touch for image. So with­out fur­ther ado, we present you with 18 Aston­ish­ing HDR Pho­tog­ra­phy of David Hill. Btw, don’t for­get to visit Dave Hill‘s site to see more of his work. There is more from this article here

HDR Tutorial – Everything you need to know about HDR Photography

OK so many HDR (High Dynamic Range) images look really awful but a breeze through these numerous tutorials, tips and links makes this a great place to start. ”

Who is this tutorial for?

  • New photographers and those just getting started and want to make prettier pictures
  • For advanced photographers ready to add new and improved HDR techniques

I am constantly evolving my techniques. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is still a young art form. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world and meet some of the greatest HDR Photographers. We share techniques, shoot together, post process together, and all work together to drive the art form forward. I am happy to share the latest and greatest.” This set of links came from the Stuck in Customs site, good name, here is the link to all that HDR usefulness

Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online

This looks like an easy way into making HDR images for display online, it falls down of course if you want to use 30 or 40 mb files as most cameras produce these days, (hard to upload a 30 mb file even if compressed rather a lot). But if your main use of images is online this might work for you, it couldn’t look more simple. 


YoHDR! | Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online.