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Photographing Fireworks: How to get the perfect firework photos

From the Photocritic site we forward this advice

Oh my, it’s nearly That Time Of Year again: burning effigies, sparklers, terrified dogs, and jacket potatoes with charred skins and raw middles. Guy Fawkes’ Night is 5 November, so perhaps it’s a good idea to brush up on the ol’ fireworks skills in preparation for displays this weekend and next, yes? Indeed… READ MORE HERE

  1. Find a location away from the crowd and power lines. An elevated location on a hillside works well. You might want to scout out your perch beforehand: Especially on big fireworks nights (such as July 4th in the US, November 5th in the UK, and new year’s eve in most of the world), a lot of the prime photography spots will be taken hours before the fireworks, so plan ahead!
  2. Set the shutter speed to 1 second or longer. Don’t be afraid of underexposing your photos, though. You won’t.
  3. Use a low ISO – you want as little digital noise as possible.
  4. Use a tripod. If you can’t find a tripod use a nice steady base.
  5. Turn off the flash. This might seem like common sense, but remember you are photographing lights, so you don’t need to add more light yourself.
  6. Shoot in RAW. You need as much exposure latitude as you can get, in order to be able to do any adjustments you need to do in post-production
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Photographing Fireworks

November 5th, Firework Night, yes I know that we see fireworks every month of the year for some celebration or other but Firework Night or sometimes Bonfire Night, there is a magic in the air, that and the baked potatoes, sausages, toffee apples and mugs of Bovril. Photographing fireworks requires techniques specific to the subject and although you can try to wing-it a bit of advice and preparation is a good idea to get the best results. This tutorial by Barry at Free Photo Resources is well put together and covers all the important stuff. If you plan to get your camera out to capture those brilliant and brief moments of splendour read here first

By John_Brennan

Photographers Workshop St Mary’s Road Oxford

The first location of the Photographers Workshop was in St Mary’s Road, we were there for nearly 30 years. We were moved out by property developers and it stood empty for a number of years but now has another life. On Bonfire Night it is going to host a gig by one of Oxford’s new and well considered bands, Trophy Wife. Part of the Blessing Force Oxford music scene, they are probably only second to Chad Valley as the Oxford band most likely to make it to the big time. So a chance to re-visit the old Workshop and to see a band is a great opportunity, see you there. Here is all the info from their Facebook page

If you want to check out Trophy Wife music head over to their sound cloud uploads here


OXFORK & YOOF! proudly present: TROPHY WIFE and support WILD SWIM with more to be confirmed

DJ’s throughout the evening Get Your Geek On and Graphics
We are throwing a bit of a get together to celebrate the release Trophy Wife’s New EP ‘Bruxism” (out October 17th). And…guess what? It just happens to be bonfire night, lovely.

Saturday 5th November 2011.
Doors: When it goes dark. (7pm) All taking place in and around the grounds of The Old Boot Factory, a former Photographic studio and warehouse space, in the heart of OX4. Which will house also an art installation by Blessing Force artist Amy Honour (http://www.amyhonour.blogspot.com/).

Tickets are £7 (or £12 with some dinner too – see menu section)
From: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/137196
or from Oxfork (39 Magdalen Road, OX4)

Not content with delighting peoples tastes buds since we opened our permanent base, we just can’t leave our pop-up roots behindd. The underground supper club and former music promoters are now delighting your ears.
Trophy Wife are from our very own Oxford’, splitting off from Oxfork favourites Jonquil a little while back to create what they have described as “ambition less office disco” – which is nonsense!

Their music reflects an abstract and dreamy soundscape with rhythmic harmonies and brooding guitars. ‘The quiet earth’, is less glossier and sharper than ‘Microlite’, and draws a clear resemblance to Foals’ ‘Total Life Forever’, with its distant melancholic elements.

With Oxford friends Foals picking the trio as one of their main support acts on their autumn tour last year. Having released previous singles on Moshi Moshi – their New EP ‘Bruxism” is out October 17th so you’ll soon be hearing that on the Oxfork stereo.

Check them out: www.facebook.com/trophywifemusic

Wild Swim   Last time we saw them they blew us away – we had to have them play for us, simple as that. http://www.wildswimmusic.com/