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A Killer Collection of Adobe LightRoom Tutorials

For many people Lightroom is now more important than Photoshop, being able to make a series of changes in one program without exporting and then re-working in another is proving to be enticing. In previous posts we have brought you Learning Lightroom in a week which was a series of 5 tutorials covering many of the major functions. This article from those nice people at Lightstalking has a whole bundle more. Having a program but not using it to it’s full potential is sort of missing the point so have a stroll through these, you will find a number that help you to do better, quicker and more interestingly.

“Adobe LightRoom remains one of the most popular pieces of post-production software for photographers and for Light Stalking readers. Luckily, there are a lot of clever and generous people around the internet who have taken the time to produce some great tutorials on using it recently. So why not take a bit of time to go and see what they have to offer, leave a nice thank you note, and tell ‘em Light Stalking sent you!”.………..more

Enhance your pictures, make them tell stories

Making photographs has many purposes, for many people an image is just a decorative artifact but most photographers want more than decoration or even mere representation of a scene. You often hear photographers talking about how they like their images to tell stories, sometimes these are obvious, sometimes obscure and the story is in your head, just prompted by the image. Any picture that keeps you thinking longer is better than one that you think is nice and forget about immediately, most sunset pictures fall into this latter category in my opinion.

This article by scottbourne helps to set out some basics in making images that tell stories, as he says it is not definitive but I think the article touches on the necessary elements that you need to start telling stories with your pictures.

Here is that article


7 Post Production Tips for Striking Landscapes

Now that you’ve captured some beautiful landscapes (hopefully in RAW format for optimal versatility in editing), it’s time to bring them into Photoshop and make some improvements. Confused on where to start? Below is a detailed, but certainly not exclusive, list of popular editing techniques….more of this article You might also want to consider our Photoshop course, the next one starts 4th May


Christopher O’Donnell at Lightstalking

Free GIMP Plugins for Photographers

You may not know about GIMP, it is a free open source image editing software, much like Photoshop but FREE. You can download it here

This article on the great Light Stalking site gives you access to plug-ins you may want to use, what could be better free software and useful help..have fun and a great weekend

4 Concepts for Collages, Diptychs, Album Pages,

Combining images for display in any form often creates a result that is greater than the sum of the parts.   We teach making collages in Photoshop on our course starting 7th March. When you assemble a book template, diptych, triptych or collage in Photoshop (or other editing software), do you arrange them so they work together or do you just pop them in? In this post, I want to talk about the things to consider when assembling an attractive collection of images that can work together nicely…..more

Photoshop Tutorial – Selecting with Color Range

The selection process in PS has many tools that make it possible to select a specific area of an image to make adjustments to that area. This is a very good tutorial on using one of the lesser know selection processes.

“One of the most powerful and useful tools for creating a selection in Photoshop is also the most often ignored and the least understood. In fact, it generally isn’t even regarded as a tool at all, because it doesn’t appear in the tools panel. And when you use it, instead of a tool icon, you get a strange dialog box. Yet, this tool can give you the ability to create very convincing selections quickly, with much better results than its more famous counterparts.

I’m talking about Color Range.”  If you have never tried using colour range as a method of selection you are missing a trick, look at this tutorial and give it a try

20+ Professional Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

Considering how cold it is here in the UK you may be considering staying in and being cosy with your computer and Photoshop. These tutorials may be just what you have been looking for to liven up your images and might add to the Photoshop course you may have taken with us. There is even one on adding falling snow although I am not sure you will need that for a week or so.

How to Add Mist to Your Landscapes with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements icon

Image via Wikipedia

Adding a bit of mist to your landscapes is not only simple, but fully customizable in Photoshop. This is a great way to alter the entire mood of your image and make an otherwise boring landscape into something more powerful.