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William Eggleston to receive Outstanding Contribution to Photography award

The BJP tells us that William Eggleston is to be awarded a prize for his outstanding contribution to photography, can’t even think what his honest response to that might be…..try any of these

 I don’t have a burning desire to go out and document anything. It just happens when it happens. It’s not a conscious effort, nor is it a struggle. Wouldn’t do it if it was. The idea of the suffering artist has never appealed to me. Being here is suffering enough. 

 You can take a good picture of anything. A bad one, too. 
 Whatever it is about pictures, photographs, it’s just about impossible to follow up with words. They don’t have anything to do with each other. 

 I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important. 

 I am at war with the obvious. 

 I don’t look at other photographs much at all. I don’t know why. I study my own a lot. 

 There is no particular reason to search for meaning. 

 The way I have always looked at it is the world is in color. And there’s nothing we can do about that. 

“Recognised today as the pioneer of colour photography and the personal documentary style, William Eggleston has been producing cutting-edge work for over 50 years,” say the organisers of the Sony World Photography Awards, which has selected the US photographer at this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award.
williamegglestonbeehiveUntitled. 1695-1968 fr. Los Alamos, Beehive. Image © William Eggleston, Eggleston Artistic Trust, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.
williamegglestonhotsauceUntitled. 1980 fr – Lousianna Project – Hot Sauce. Image © William Eggleston, Eggleston Artistic Trust, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.

williamegglestonlosalamosUntitled, 1971-1974. Image © William Eggleston, Eggleston Artistic Trust, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.

Read more: http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/news/2259431/william-eggleston-to-receive-outstanding-contribution-to-photography-award#ixzz2PtCaP0FC
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Stockholm Photography Week May 28 – June 3, 2012

On the schedule you will find an international portfolio review, a photography feedback review, an open portfolio night, seminars and workshops as well as exhibitions. This is an event for both professional photographers and amateurs, as well as for the regular photographic exhibition visitor.

The Portfolio Reviews are one of the main events during Stockholm Photography Week 2012. This year, the reviews are divided into two sections: Selected Portfolio Reviews and Photography Feedback Reviews……FULL DETAILS HERE

Stockholm Photography Week is a week-long celebration of photography that takes place at the Swedish Museum of Photography (Fotografiska).

May 28 – June 3, 2012

“World-renowned photographer Sally Mann is one of the most important and influential photographers of today. Mann has released numerous books, including Immediate Family (1992), What Remains (2003) and Proud Flesh (2009), and is represented by Gagosian Gallery in New York.”

Artist Talk

SATURDAY JUNE 2, 6:00 pm
followed by a book signing

© Night Blooming Cereus © Sally Mann. Croutesy Gagosian Gallery.

© At Warm Springs © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

© Hayhook © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Here are some of the events planned……

The Selected Portfolio Review is for established or up-and-coming photographers, wanting to expand their international contacts with world-renown institutions, galleries and book publishers. In this section, 15 internationally renowned experts from the field of photography (gallery owners, curators, editors, etc.) all of whom can make a difference to working photographers, will review the portfolios of 40 photographers over the course of two days. Participants will be scheduled to have eight 25-minute one-on-one reviews with these experts. Applicants will be pre-approved by a jury.

Application to the Selected Reviews is now open!

The Photography Feedback Reviews are open for all photographers. Photographers can choose among professional photographers, art directors and photo agencies to present their photographs for. You choose yourself which reviewers to see, how many reviews to attend and when. The reviewers are well-established photographers as well as professionals with extensive experience of working with images within different genres. You book each review session separately thereby creating your own schedule based on your particular interests.

Application to  the Feedback Reviews is now open!

Bob Dylan the new Henri Cartier Bresson….?

writes in the Guardian
“When it comes to painting, Bob Dylan may not be such an original. The 70-year-old singer has been accused of replicating several famous photographs in his new art show. The Asia Series includes paintings that seem like acrylic reproductions of images by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dmitri Kessel and Léon Busy.”…more       I say what about the dull boring music?
The exhibition is at
The Gagosian Gallery
Madison Avenue
980 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10075
Is this is what is meant by a cover version?