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Hands-on with Sigma’s SD1

BJP‘s technical reviewer Richard Kilpatrick has been testing Sigma‘s 46-megapixel SD1 digital SLR. Ahead of the publication of his full review in August, he gives us his first impressions

“Sigma’s SD1 – announced at Photokina in 2010, and now shipping worldwide – has already proven to be unusual for the Japanese firm that perseveres with the Foveon X3technology first adopted with the 2002 SD9.This professional body brings Sigma’s APS-C offering back into play against contemporary DSLRs, with an output file of 15Mp and a solid, professional quality construction. It’s reached the market almost within the initial time estimates despite the tragic earthquake in March that affected many manufacturers and individuals, resulting in constrained stock and delays for many products announced at the end of last year; a sharp contrast with the wait for the previous models developed in tandem with Foveon.

The cost estimates are another matter. During Photokina, Sigma’s COO Kazuto Yamaki is reputed to have offered an estimate of “a similar price to the 5D Mk II” which many pundits took to be around £1800.”