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The Ultimate Guide to Food Photography

From those nice people at DPS a collections of links all explaining how to make great food photographs. Go here 

Following are our most popular Food Photography Tutorials (all 18 of them) which together form our ‘Ultimate Guide’ to the topic of Food Photography. They cover a range of different styles and techniques of food photography – some are more beginner in nature, others more advanced.


Nigel Slater food photography competition in The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has a food photography competition

Nigel Slater has been the Observer’s food writer for 20 years and to celebrate, Observer Food Monthly is offering the chance to win a signed copy of his new book – Eat the Little Book of Fast Food.

All you need to do is send us a photograph –just one photo per person please –

Well we all eat and prepare food so get your camera out and make a picture, send it off, how hard can that be? Go here for details

CooP_calendar1t©Keith Barnes


Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 closes for entries on 31 January 2013

If you love food, and we mean photographing it as well as eating it, then you may want to get your entries in for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition before the closing date this month.

The competition will be closing on 31 January and with a prize of £5000 it’s worth getting those entries in. To read more about the competition, which has new categories this year, please read the press release below from pink Lady.

The international celebration of the art of food photography, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 closes for entries on 31 January 2013.

This year’s competition has several exciting new categories for entrants, including the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year, for images of wine, producers and all things related to wine. Also the Food Sn-apping category, for images of food taken on mobile phones, in support of Action Against Hunger, and Food off the Press which is sponsored by StockFood, for previously published work in books and magazines.

First prize for the overall winner is £5000, and judges for this year include Antonio Carluccio, Edwin Booth, Chairman of Booth’s Supermarkets, Ellen Silverman (Gwyneth Paltrow’s food photographer), Jay Rayner, food writer and broadcaster, Alison Clarke, Editor of Cravings (Australia’s leading food title), Joanna Simon, award-winning Wine and Food Editor, House and Garden, and Neil Christie, MD of Wieden and Kennedy (the advertising agency behind the award-winning Lurpak campaign).

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 16.14.25

The World’s Best Food Photography Competition

After an incredibly successful debut year, the international Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 is now open for entries!  (Don’t you just hate the way press releases and teenagers use too many exclamation marks, or is it just me?)

This year’s award also introduces four exciting new categories for entrants. The hotly anticipated Food off the Press category for previously published work in books and magazines will open up the competition to a wider range of entries. Similarly, the Food Snapping category is for images of food taken on mobile phones, and is in support of Action Against Hunger.

The third and fourth categories are Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year, for images of wine, producers and all things related to the subject and Food for Celebration, images of festive, celebratory food from across the world.

Full details of this competition to find the best food photography can be found here

1st Place 2012 Jeff Adler

2nd Place 2012 Tim Clinch

3rd Place 2012 Jonathan Gregson

All the winners images are available to buy on the website as is all the information about the 2013 competition

10 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography Styling

these tips by Jules Clancy will no doubt be helpful if you are having a go at food photography which I always think is fun to do not only because you can eat your subjects when you are finished.

“While portrait photographers need to be skilled in the art of getting their subjects to relax in front of the camera to get a great shot, we food photographers have things a little easier. At least our subjects (mostly) can’t talk.”.…more

How to photograph food – Food photography

This is a very extensive blog on how to photograph food, the advice is sound and useful, here is what the photographer says

About the food photographer. I’ve been a professional photographer now for more years than I care to admit and for the last ten or so years, I’ve been specializing is food photography.  I may not be the ultimate expert, but I’m as close as your going to get for free, here on the Internet. “..more

here is the link to Michael Ray’s site