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Photo week begins at Free Range in east London, showcasing the work of final-year students

Simon Bainbridge reports in the BJP about the start of student final year exhibitions. Free Range is involved and on their website list many of the Final Year Exhibitions around the country at different colleges.

Free Range returns this summer, providing its annual showcase for this year’s arts graduates and, perhaps, the opportunity to be discovered by some influential art director or curator.

Founded by Tamsin O’Hanlon in 2001, Free Range is now Europe’s largest graduate art and design exhibition. Showing at Old Truman Brewery complex off Brick Lane in east London, it’s talent-spotting made easy, with each week of its two-month run devoted to a particular art form.

Contrast that to more than a decade ago, when degree shows were largely held locally, and graduates from outside London remained disconnected from many of the most important people in their market. In an attempt to attract a more influential audience that could help kick start their students’ careers, some colleges began hiring spaces to promote their degree shows in the capital. But that depended on the largely unfounded assumption that galleries and image buyers were prepared to schlep round dozens of venues. Some colleges still do, using venues such as Foto8 or the Candid Arts Trust, but Free Range provides the cluster effect that allows satellite events to thrive……MORE

Dave Alexander is one of the graduates starring in this year’s Free Range shows of graduate talent at Old Truman Brewery in east London.

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A Five-Step Guide to Your First Photo Sale

Selling images should be easy. Stock agencies now look at the photographs, not the photographers. Buyers have multiplied as millions of Web pages have spread across the Internet. The gap between collectors and creators has broken down as sellers can use their own marketing skills to create their brands, build a reputation and promote their art. But it isn’t easy. Moving from talented enthusiast with hard drive full of pictures to a semi-professional shooter with a portfolio of sales and a steady revenue stream can take time, hard work and plenty of frustration. This is what you need to do get started….more

This room contains displays drawn from the national collection of the art of photography at the V&A. The Museum’s photography collection is one of the largest and most important in the world. It is international in scope and ranges from the beginnings of photography to the present. The main part of the room shows highlights from the history of photography. The section at the far end is devoted to a programme of temporary displays. There are computers available with a programme showing a selection of images drawn from the V&A collection. Information about the photography collection and photographic processes and techniques can be found in books attached to the benches. V&A