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Getting down with dogs – 25 great pictures

One of the things a photographer should do is show the world from a different perspective. On our Intermediate photography course one of the assignments is to have students photograph fro the perspective of their dog, small child, car bump other, in fact anything other than their usual viewing height. This does often involve spending time on their knees. In the past we have had some fantastic assignments produced, one that immediately comes to mind is from the perspective of a mouth. Very inventive.

I digress, this post has 25 images of dogs, those that love dogs will just enjoy the pictures, the rest of us can learn from the viewing angle that the photographers have taken to produce their images. Here is the link if you fancy getting down with the dogs

“In this post we showcased 25 wonderful and awesome pictures of dogs. The photographer has done excellent job capturing these wonderful moments of dogs. It’s silly to expect you’ll get the perfect shot you want with one click of the camera. You need patience to coax the look out of your dog that you are looking for that day. With dog photography, natural light is best which is why outside shots often produce dazzling results.

The following pictures of dogs are dedicated to dog lovers. To learn more about photograph and photographer and to see the larger version of the dog pictures, be sure to click on the images.”