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The Haunting Photo-Composites of Jim Kazanjian

I think that in the future they may be less reliance upon photographers to capture a ‘moment’ but that photographers creating ‘art’ will be more constructivists¬† than anything else, that images will be created by combining parts of images and that the general concept will be as important as the final result. Jim Kazanjian has already a handle on this. These images, which in some ways remind me of the album artwork of Roger Dean (the artist that painted the sleeves for Yes amongst other bands), are spectacular in construction and still fantastic (in it’s true meaning)Jim Kazanjian has a vision that is not of the future but somewhere in between the future and the past but not quite the present. Portland artist jim kazanjian‘s body of work consists of crisply composed digital images that explore the surrealist side of space and architecture. drawing from literary influences such as h.p. lovecraft and algernon blackwood, kazanjian’s pictorials illustrate a fantasy-driven world that seemingly celebrates relics and decay. having worked as
a commercial CGI artist for television, fashion, and game production, his method of creating largely involves recomposing a number of photographs in bits and pieces.Have a look at his website and let me know what you think