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Lightroom printing

You can use Lightroom to prepare images for printing at your local high street printer or for uploading to your favourite online printer (I use Photobox). This useful short video and downloadable presets for standard print sizes is easy to follow and understand. From Lightroomworkshops.com by Courvoisier, of Jerry Courvoisier Productions LLC, Santa Fe, N.M., JC is a photographer, educator, digital artist, world-class Photoshop and Lightroom specialist, and an internationally recognized imaging technology consultant. A popular teacher of photography, imaging applications, and printmaking workshops, Courvoisier’s passion for photography, combined with his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, is why he is the person others turn to for solid advice on digital imaging technologies.

To view the video go here and to find the page with the downloadable print pre-sets go here


I came across this site and it has a number of useful tutorials in video format so sit back and watch. There are a few on HDR processing in Photoshop so if this is an area you are interested in exploring you should have a look at these. Usually HDR generates awful looking images but some of these guys are pretty good and it is worth looking at their HDR images page.  This is what they say about the site “PhotoWalkPro.  PWP is owned and operated by Jeff Revell.  Jeff is the writer,editor, staff photographer, and lead custodian for the site.  PhotoWalkPro is dedicated to bringing you the latest news on photowalking, digital imaging, travel photography, photo equipment, HDR, and anything else that is photography related” could be one to bookmark