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“Devil’s Dinner Party” a chance to win £7,000

At the risk of departing too far from my remit of bringing you excellent photographic articles, tutorials, reviews  and images from the web I thought some of you might be interested in this. Just don’t blame me if you end up looking an idiot.

Sophie wrote to me from ITV with this opportunity,

“I am working on an exciting new show called the “Devil’s Dinner Party”- from the makers of Come Dine with Me  and we are especailly looking  for successful,  creative  individuals  from Oxford to take part  and we would love to get some  of your photography group on board! 

 We’re looking for people to come to dinner and play a game where they have to read other people and use their intuition to guess the answers to questions with the winner receiving up to £7,000 at the end of the night.




 ITV Studios (Come Dine With Me, I’m a Celebrity) are looking for confident, charismatic and outspoken guests to come together and dine at The Devil’s Dinner table.

 Over delicious food and fine wine you’ll play a psychological game of the Devil’s devising, answering revealing questions and using your intuition to judge your fellow diners. The better your instincts, the more money you’ll earn. BUT, only the most popular diner will leave the table with the prize money…

Itll be a hell of a time.

 If you’re 21 or over and would like more information and an application form please email: ddp@itv.com  Were casting now so contact us ASAP to be considered!