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20 Expressive Negative Space Photography – Negative is Positive

This article from a graphic design website explains how the use of negative space within an image can make a positive expression. We cover these subject areas in our Composition Course – Seeing Pictures

“There are several things that graphic designers can learn from other professions. Photography is one such field that shares similar techniques with graphic design. Minimalism and clarity of work are both common traits of graphic designing and photography. Likewise, one of the best tricks of incorporating minimalism in an artwork is using negative space.

Negative space is the space around an object of attention. Although some might argue that negative space is wasted space, the absence of content does not mean the absence of interest. On the contrary, negative space generates attention as it puts a stronger emphasis on the subject. It also helps in arousing the emotions of the object in focus.”  See more pictures and read more here



5 Key Steps in Creating an Online Stronger Portfolio


“In our growing digital world an online portfolio of images is now the preferred way most photographers choice to showcase their work. Whether you want to attract more business from potential clients or simply show off your best photos to family and friends, here are five key steps to help you create a stronger online portfolio.”

Eric de Maré’s secret country

Eric de Maré’s sublime photographs of British industrial buildings forced postwar architects to look again at the landscape. His influence is still felt today

Shock of the old … Eric De Maré’s ‘skyscrapers’ in Hastings. Photograph: Eric de Maré

here is a link to the full article http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/nov/16/eric-de-mare-architectural-photography

These ‘skyscrapers” are remarkably similar (if not the same ones) to the beautiful constructions  Saad Qureshi used as a basis for his creation during his work for the School of Saatchi programme. Here is an image from Saad’s website