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How to Recover Deleted and Corrupted Photos from Your Memory Card

From those very nice people at Lightstalking comes this tutorial on recovering lost images. Having had this happen to me 4 times I know this is a very stressful experience so any help with recovery is worth reading about

One of the very worst things a photographer can suffer is the loss of images from a memory card. It is a feeling that kicks you in the stomach, even if they just some quick family shots, for professionals it can literally be a disaster.

There can be a number of reasons that images are lost from memory cards, faulty cameras are amongst the rarest of these. The most common causes are faulty memory cards and operator error.

Faulty memory cards are most often associated with buying cheap unbranded cards or either knowingly or unwittingly buying fake cards. Operator errors tend to stem from accidentally formatting the card, deleting all instead of one image and removing the card whilst the images are still being written.  READ MORE HERE

What To Do When Your Memory Card Fails

Over the last 10 years or so I have had memory card failures on four occasions, once was during the photographing of an award ceremony. Panic was my first response but I quickly changed the memory card and stored the corrupted one away safely. I was lucky I had lost only 2 shots which was amazing as I had photographed about 50 students up to that time. I had a painful couple of days trying to recover my images but eventually found software that did so. This article talks you through the basic procedure. When it happens to you, and it certainly might sometime, don’t panic just follow these instructions, good luck