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5 ways to stop being a luck photographer

Do you make great pictures, do you do it regularly, do you have methods of ensuring that your pictures are more than chance captures? This article from Digitial Photo School addresses these issues and gives very useful advice on how to improve your strike rate, to make sure more of your images are winners.

“We’ve all been guilty of taking pictures with our eyes closed. Just go crazy, go on a shooting spree and see what happens. See what happy mistakes you can pawn off as well-thought out, purposefully captured portraits. Here are 6 ways you can identify yourself as a luck photographer:”

Do you think Robert Doisneau or Henri Cartier-Bresson were lucky or did they carefully observe and prepare so that the memorable images they captured looked lucky?

Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples

Long Exposure Photography is something that can take your breath away when you get it right. Here are some shots to get you inspired (plus some tips below the pics on these techniques).

10 Tips to Help You get the Most out of Your New DSLR

Got a new camera?  Learn how to use it. Our courses, the 4 session Understanding Your DSLR or the 1 Day DSLR courses would be a perfect way to get to  grips with your lovely new chunk of technology, but if you do not live near Oxford these tips from Digital Photo School would be a good place to start. I agree with all of the points made and the last 2 , make prints and share your images are suggestions I would definitely make.

Of new cameras, Nikon have recently released an updated version of the popular D3000, the new one D3100 might be of interest if you are looking for an entry level camera here is a review from the clever folks at DP Review

53 Weekly Themes For Your 2011 Project 365

So are you going to improve your photography this year? How are you going to do it?  You could take one of our courses if you are lucky enough to live near Oxford. You could determine to use your camera more often, one of the best ways to improve yourself as a photographer is to pick a camera up everyday, it is like anything, the more you practice the better you will get. Experience formed by practice is often the most useful as you learn about things you do but you do need to make sure that your learning is cumulative rather than repetitive. You know the aphorism, a man claiming 25 years experience might have one year’s experience repeated 25 times. So back to this post. A way of making sure you use the camera you have invested in is to sign up to one of the weekly themes or even a picture a day project. It is a bit demanding but you will improve, you might not find that the images you produce for the project are the best you have ever made but all of your photography will improve. The people at Digital Photo School based in Australia have some ideas for you but the web is full of these projects, where after shooting you upload your pictures maybe to a Flickr group

53 Weekly Themes For Your 2011 Project 365.

Whilst on the subject of Australia, well we were sort of, I am listening to the second Twenty 20 test, here is a picture from previous travels…

Got a new camera? Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know

Did the holidays find you the proud owner of a new camera. You may be well versed in the details and techniques of digital cameras but if not then these tutorials will be very useful to you. You might also want to consider taking one of our courses scheduled for the new year. Starting towards the end of January we have a range of camera and technique based courses that if you are lucky enough to live in Oxford you might want to take.

How to Photograph Fireworks Displays this NYE

Do you want to know how to photograph fireworks? with NYE just days away I thought I’d refresh this article in which I give 10 Fireworks Photography tips to help you get started. From Darren Rowse at Digital Photo School, the fireworks over Sydney Harbour are always spectacular on NYE but you may have more modest fireworks to celebrate with and photograph, these tips may help you to do better. DPS is based in Melbourne Australia, I should think Melbourne is a pretty glum place after the last Ashes match so they need some fireworks to cheer them up.

making an exhibition of yourself

for me photography is about the physical experience of a print, seeing things on the web gives me the widest possible opportunities to observe different work but a print is photography. I encourage everyone who attends our courses to consider printing their work and displaying it, at home, in their office, in an exhibition. There is a validation to our efforts as photographers by showing our images. This article goes some way to advising how to have an exhibition and what to think about.

from those nice people at Digital Photo School, of which Darren Rowse, who is the main man, at DPS has set up another blog site called Feelgooder, not about photography but about what it says.

Whilst on the subject of getting your work seen here is another article on the DPS site that will help you

7 Ways to Get Your Photos Seen