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Darkroom in a box

It must be said that I am sold on Photo JoJo, I do think their irreverence is infectious and worth spreading, not the infection but the irreverence…..

Way back in 1851, photographers were an exclusive band of badass adventurers.

Marauders of the land, they hauled dark rooms across majestic mountain ranges and captured images of the countryside for the first time ever.

Like the great photographers of yore, you can now tow your camera and darkroom wherever you may be. Meet the Darkroom in a Box, a pinhole camera and portable darkroom in one.

Designed and hand assembled in France, it’s a miniature photo lab that lets you shoot and develop a photo all in one clever box.

Just how clever is it? Shooting and developing only takes 3 steps. 1) Slip photo paper into provided holder and place in the box. 2) Expose the photo via a pinhole in the top of the box. 3) Steep the photo in the provided developer and fix.

Voilà!: your very own hand shot and developed photo! Yup, it’s pretty much magic in a box, and you’re pretty much a badass.”




We haven’t tried the Darkroom in a box so our recommendation is out of the sheer joy in the idea rather than how well it all works.

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