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Paul Graham: Photographs 1981-2006

This long article discussing the merits of Paul Graham’s photographs is rather full of the ideas that many people consider art double speak, it poses the question what is photography within the context of contemporary art, not quite in those words but that is my assessment of the long discourse. This is certainly not photography for everyone, many of the images seem banal and without merit, that could have been taken by a small child randomly pressing the shutter release on a camera. I don’t doubt that much the same was said of Van Gogh,  Monet, Picasso, Pollock etc, in other words artistic innovators. I am not saying at all that I understand or even like Graham’s pictures but I think anyone interested in photography; that is the subject of photography rather than just their pictures or the decorative images of others, should at least try to understand the work of those seemingly operating at the margins of the medium. I suggest you look at the pictures, read the article and work out if, for you, it has any value, how will you know if you do not look. here it is