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Setting Up A Successful Photography Business

Diane Smyth writes in the BJP  ”

“Do you know your legal obligations on a commercial shoot? Do you know what the CAP codes are? And do you know what a Recce Fee is? If not, maybe you should take a look at Lisa Pritchard’s new book, Setting Up A Successful Photography Business.

Aimed at emerging or amateur photographers making the transition to professional life, it’s broken down into 11 concise chapters on subjects such as Business basics, Marketing and promotion and Pricing photography. Pritchard focuses on commercial photography so it’s geared towards that world but, with clear advice on legal issues and breakdowns of the finances of photography, it should be useful to photographers working in other areas too. Some of the UK’s most successful photographers have contributed their thoughts and photographs to the publication, including Harry Borden, Tom Stoddart, Steve Bloom, Nadav Kander, Laura Pannack and Perou.”

Setting Up A Successful Photography Business by Lisa Pritchard is published by A&C Black, ISBN 9781-4081-2577-9, priced £12.99. For more information, visit www.acblack.com.


“Teaching photography is a delicate balance of technique and art. A very delicate balance.

I do not think that ‘art’ can be taught, but I do think that some of the blocks that people have toward the creation of art can be identified – and that can lead to getting rid of them. Showing someone how to think about creating the shot may not result in a fantastic photo, but it will open their mind to a process that may lead to making better images. Nothing happens overnight. The process grows and the old habits fight hard to remain dominant.”