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Cambridge in Colour Tutorials – Advanced

OK now you are serious, if you have worked through the previous 2 days tutorials you want to achieve results. These tutorials linked to the excellent Cambridge in Colour site will get you on your way.

These are for those that want to have a deeper understanding of key technical concepts, or to use more complicated techniques:

Concepts: Lens Diffraction & Camera Sensor Sizes
Technique/Editing: Taking High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs
Technique/Concepts: The Color Management & Printing Category

Actually CIC has many more tutorials,some that might be of more use to you than the few listed here and I would definitely suggest you go and have a wander around the site, here is the link


┬ęBernard Clarke Intermediate Photography Course 2011

Colour Management

Color management is a hot topic and perhaps the most complicated subject in all of digital photography. Everyone perceives and sees colors slightly differently. Even for a professional photographer to get the colors just right on a print made in their own office is no small feat with a custom profile and some fine-tuning of the image. Hence, it is no wonder that the switch to digital has been a little troublesome for many photographers and photo editors. Read more of this useful article with links to other sites that may help you understand how to improve your print output