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Landscape II

I was sent some flyers about this and was drawn to the image of the person holding a dslr camera so badly, then I read a bit about it and thought the play sounded really interesting. I can’t make either date in Oxford for which I am disappointed, it is on October 1st and 2nd at the Burton Taylor Theatre.


Three women separated by a hundred years start a conversation across time. Their parallel experiences reveal shared imaginings of identity and escape, as menacing undercurrents steal into their solitary and reflective lives. Their letters, diaries, drawings and photographs expose a series of threatening episodes and unsettling occurrences. As the landscape presses in on them, they draw upon the threads that connect them to survive.

Landscape II is a compelling solo work by Melanie Wilson. This bold hybrid of performance, film and sound art creates a highly contemporary and minutely observed piece of new theatre.

“Wilson’s lyrical imagery is deeply affecting… this is powerful and rewarding theatre”
Irish Examiner on Autobiographer

“Wilson’s language is dazzling…and the crisp immersive sound design is astonishing.” Time Out on Autobiographer **** 

Full details and further information here