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This is a very popular competition and regularly attracts beautiful images. If  you have an interest in garden and plant photography have a look at the winners, here are a couple

Overall Winner

Marianne Majerus
Layered landscape: a moment captured

What the judges said:
“This is a magical moment in the garden, perfectly seen and brilliantly captured. From one corner of the frame a fan of sunlight slants down through the early-morning mist. The spiky flowerheads make another diagonal leading off into the opposite corner. The sharp foliage in the foreground makes a contrast with the hazy trees behind. Altogether a delicious picture.”

Colin Roberts

Tree-lined landscape

Southern England

Tree-lined landscape Trees in a stretch of rolling English landscape, photographed at first light in spring. The trees follow the hedge-lines between the fields, decorating the landscape with their rounded shapes. The misty atmosphere diminishes the tones of the most distant trees, helping to convey a feeling of depth in the scene.