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Laos 2011 the full set

I have now uploaded the full set of images to my Flickr stream, you can see them here

Steve McCurry f8 Workshop in Bangkok

According to Steve’s Facebook page the workshop is on and applications are being taken. I am off to Laos over Christmas otherwise this would have been a fantastic thing to do, seeing one of the greatest photographers in the world work, learning from a master.

“The flooding across Thailand and Bangkok has been a national tragedy for the Thai people. Although severe across northern and western Bangkok, the flooding has not reached most of the center of the city, and we expect the workshop to proceed as planned. The main airport is open for regular operations, as are most of the downtown businesses as of November 10th, 2011. However, we continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.

Doing our part for flood relief, the workshop organizers and instructors will donate a part of the proceeds of the workshop to the flood victims through a designated Thai charity. It’s our way of showing our support to the people of Thailand who continue to suffer through the worst flooding in recent memory.

For Photographers of All Levels – Novice to Professional

For photojournalism, Bangkok offers a myriad of subjects. From ancient Buddhist temples to modern skyscrapers, unimaginable wealth to abject poverty, Bangkok is a city of contrasts –of light and dark – unlike any other. It’s a photographers dream.

Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita are offering a very special photography workshop opportunity that will explore Thailand’s City of Angels. Intended for photographers of all levels, Steve and Mike have designed this workshop so you will have the opportunity to gain valuable feedback, advice and inspiration. This is a rare opportunity to hear two expert opinions about your work and take your photography to the next level.

The weeklong workshop will open with a portfolio review, during your first session. This will give both Michael and Steve an opportunity to see what subjects you are passionate about, and what drives you to create pictures. From there, you will have the opportunity to create images from the variety of subjects the workshop will visit – from boxing gyms to temples to markets. The final product will be a series of photographs that will tell the story, your narrative photographic essay of Bangkok.

 The workshop is designed to give each photographer an opportunity to photograph a “slice of life” in Bangkok. By shooting a fresh subject and reviewing your favorite pictures, each day, you will learn how to make improvements in shooting technique through the guidance of two of the world’s most seasoned professionals. This workshop is a learning opportunity rarely offered, and one that is sure to inspire you, challenge you, and make you “see” photography like never before.”.…more information here