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ArchitorSpace – architecture photography by Daniel Mirer

This is some of what Daniel Mirer says about his pictures.

“The “ArchitorSpace” photographs display my specific interest in and fear of the banality of spaces in enclosed areas within post-industrial architecture.  These places are typologies of contemporary post-industrial architectural aesthetic that makes the individual appear so displaced within the uncanny.  The photographic strategy is to purposefully make these images heavy with absence; forgotten places that are entirely familiar. These deserted (non-site) environments reveal no history or functionality.”    The pictures are great and the words……….hmm   . more pictures here

Eric de Maré’s secret country

Eric de Maré’s sublime photographs of British industrial buildings forced postwar architects to look again at the landscape. His influence is still felt today

Shock of the old … Eric De Maré’s ‘skyscrapers’ in Hastings. Photograph: Eric de Maré

here is a link to the full article http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/nov/16/eric-de-mare-architectural-photography

These ‘skyscrapers” are remarkably similar (if not the same ones) to the beautiful constructions  Saad Qureshi used as a basis for his creation during his work for the School of Saatchi programme. Here is an image from Saad’s website