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Leibovitz. Leibovitz. Leibovitz.

The documentary film about her life begins with celebrities simply saying her last name one after another. Leibovitz. Leibovitz. Leibovitz. Not only is her last name as unique as the photographs she creates, Annie Leibovitz has become synonymous with the profession that has made her nearly as famous as the people she photographs. Her images have appeared at museums and galleries all over the world, including the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris. She has been given the Barnard College Medal of Distinction and the Infinity Award in Applied Photography from the International Center of Photography and was also designated a Living Legend by the Library of Congress. In short, Annie Leibovitz is an icon of modern photography…..READ MORE AT FADED + BLURRED






annie-leibovitz-angelina-jolieThere is more to see and read at Faded + Blurred here


Annie Leibovitz Shoots Celebs as Disney Characters

The Photo Assistant’s Story

This is a really great blog called Confessions of a Mad Photo Assistant by Madphotoassistant. The story told is all about lighting and Annie Leibovitz, here is the start of the article

“I went a little crazy this week and went on a personal mission to research the lighting setups and creation of popular images of today. It is something I love to do in general, so I completely lost myself in the project. Not only did I unearth some of the most breathtaking lighting setups of undeniably amazing photographs, but I was also pleased to find that some of my favorite images were very simply shot. Since this blog has been born, I couldn’t wait to share some of the results. In this blog entry I’ll take you through and compare various lighting techniques of Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Ecclesine, Jill Greenberg, Dave Hill and Martin Schoeller. Strap on your seatbelts boys and girls, it’s gonna be a long but thrilling ride. So without further ado, let’s dive right in shall we?

And who better to kick off our journey than the legendary Annie Leibovitz…”  want more…..you know you do

NME Music Photography Competition 2011

Do you want to be the next Annie Leibovitz with the chance to tour with the rock and roll gods of your choice, or maybe Anton Corbjin, Jim Marshall or  Bob Gruen well this might just be your chance. The NME is having another music photography competition.

It’s back! We had such an astonishing response to our photography competition last year, we’ve decided to do it all over again.

Our aim is to recognise and celebrate the very best in heart-stopping, retina-searing rock’n’roll photography – no matter where it comes from.

So whether you’re a pro or an amateur, if you’ve think you’ve got what it takes, submit your photos to us. You could win top-notch Nikon camera equipment, plus a photography masterclass right here in the NME office.

Plus – one ultimate winner will go to a festival as our official photographer!  Want to find out more.……..go here

EMA – NME Radar at Great Escape 2011 ©Keith Barnes

EMA – NME Radar at Great Escape 2011 ©Keith Barnes



Annie Leibovitz Shooting Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette for Vogue

The short video featured here is an interesting insight as to how one of the world’s best known photographers work. Most of us prefer to go out alone to shoot, family and friends around when we are shooting usually are a distraction, here Leibovitz has an army of little helpers. “….Annie is one of our star photographers” someone from Vogue says, well what about the lighting, technicians, the assistants even all the caterers? Enjoy this insight into another world.

Hereford Photography Festival.

If this photo festival is half as good as the Brighton Photography Biennial that closes on the 14th then it should definitely be worth a visit.

After two decades of hugely successful festivals, that have included exhibitions by established and emerging talent from all over the world, it was our challenge this year to design a programme that not only lives up to our past, but that makes a decisive stride into the future.

The festival began with distinct aims; to bring great photographers and photography to the region and to actively engage audiences, all of which remain at the very heart of our ambitions. TWENTY- co-curated by Paul Seawright – is our celebration of the festival’s legacy; a retrospective of some of the great photographers we have exhibited in the past. I’m also delighted to be presenting newly commissioned work by renowned photographer Tessa Bunney and to be exhibiting the very finest new talent in OPEN HERE, our open submission exhibition.


Simon Norfolk