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What to do with all your photos

Here is another post from Angie Muldowney’s blog site, it will give you some ideas as to how to make the most of your pictures amassed over the summer.

“If you’re like me you’ll have been furiously snapping away with your camera these last few months; the week in Spain, the kids at the theme park, Uncle Joe’s birthday, the new puppy (none of these things happened to me, by the way, believe me, you’d know about it if I had a puppy). And now; now you have gigabytes of photos and a guilty sense that you ought to do something with them, but what? Here are some ideas…” ...more

TtV photography: how to create vintage-style photographs

This is a really cool idea and a way of using your old camera with your new

Angie Muldowney demonstrates how to create unique, vintage-looking photographs with all the convenience of a digital camera in The Guardian, full article here

“I love taking pictures using the Through the Viewfinder technique. If you’re unfamiliar with TtV photography, it means using a digital camera to take photos through the viewfinder of a vintage twin-lens camera. Yes, there are lots of apps on smartphones these days that can instantly apply filters to achieve similar results, but by using this hand-crafted contraption you can create images that are totally unique. No one else’s dusty old viewfinder will be exactly like yours. What’s more, it means a lovely old camera gets a second lease of life!”

You should have a look at Angie’s site here