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Golden Meaning: graphic artists depict the golden ratio – in pictures

Fascinating…….in The Guardian by Alex Bellos

A selection of images from Golden Meaning, a book project in which 55 of the world’s top graphic designers illustrate the maths of the golden ratio

Read his blogpost about the book here


Graphic designers Bibliothèque decided to come up with two visual mnemonics for the golden ratio, which is the number 1.618. When a 0-100C thermometer is divided by this number, the mercury reaches to about 38C, the temperature of blood in humans. When a clock is divided into two sections so that their angles are in the golden ratio, one solution is 12.23, which is an easy number to remember. All photographs: Richard Hubert Smith/GD&


George Hardie poured wine into three specially designed glasses, which are each full with golden ratio proportions – the ratio of wine to emptiness is 1.618.

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