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Sharpening Your Image: High-Pass Filter vs. Unsharp Mask

In the world of photo editing, sharpening is the tool that you love to hate. It can easily turn your beautiful photo into a harsh, unattractive image if you’re not careful how you approach this. For something so simple, there are many avenues to pursue – but which is best?….more  This article is written by Christopher O’Donnell who makes a lot of sense and has a very nice website

Photography Course Dates Oxford May/June

Here is the list of course for which we still have places during our summer term. Full details on our web site

Understanding Your Digital SLR: start dates  – 4th May;  21st May;  9th June
Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera -Due to the many Bank Holidays in May we are unable to run this course but it will be back in the autumn
Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – starts 4th May
Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – starts 5th May
Portrait Photography – starts 9th May
Intermediate Photography – starts 3rd May
Black and White Digital Photography – starts 13th June
Travel Photography starts 9th June
One Day Understanding Your DSLR – 7th May; 19th June; 10th July; 6th August
Garden & Plant Photography 12th June

To book a place please send an email and we will make a reservation for you and ask you to call with payment details so that we can confirm your place. Payment will not be taken until a week before the course starts.

Photoshop Elements 9 – really cheap

If you are thinking of doing our Photoshop course but don’t have the software yet then you can save bundles of cash. I always recommend students to buy the Elements version of the program, it has just about everything you will need and often has some things that are useful for people who do not use the software everyday. Amazon currently have the version 9, most recent,  for less than £50 which is a bargain here is the link to their page

We still have some places on our Photoshop course which starts on 4th May but as always our courses are in demand so if you plan to book a place do so today