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12 Creative Photography Project Ideas to Get you Motivated

I don’t know why this article on DPS is headed 12 Projects but it seems that all blog posts these days limit their advice to an arbitrary number. Anyway that is not the point, I agree with the basic premise of this article wholeheartedly. When I teach people who are beyond just getting to grips with their cameras I always recommend working to projects. This is one way of ensuring you have a reason to pick up your camera and go and shoot. It doesn’t rely upon serendipity of finding something interesting you already have something you are interested in. You have defined your project. For this reason I find the picture a day/week a bit unhelpful. I think deciding on a project which could be a specific place or idea or activity is always more productive and I see this in the results my students bring to my Intermediate Photography Course A great example of this is the work by one student, Darren Bicknell who embarked on a project to explore liquid and light, his results and progression was excellent as can be seen by these pictures

Darren Bicknell

light and liquid

Darren Bicknell

Light & Liquid 2

so this article makes a number of good points about projects you can set for yourself and ways to keep your creative juices flowing.

As with anything in life, it’s important to make a plan. This is a big step towards being successful. There are a number of projects you could attempt-

#1 – The 52-week project,  #2 – 365-day day projects,  #3 – One consistent theme

# 4 – Limited yourself to 24 photos,  #5 – A musical song or album, #6 -Use only one lens

Go here to see the rest of the suggestions in this article on DPS

Here are some more of Darren’s wonderful pictures

Darren Bicknell

Liquid & Light 3

Darren Bicknell

Liquid & Light 4

Darren Bicknell

Liquid & Light 5

Darren Bicknell

Liquid & Light 7

Darren Bicknell

Liquid & Light 8

All images ©Darren Bicknell

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