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Daily Archives: November 12, 2015

Sony world photography awards 2015

In April we had the  Sony world photography awards 2015

The Guardian’s gallery of the winning images included these


Untitled, from the series Aerial Views Adria, by Bernhard Lang, GermanyAerial photographs of the Adriatic coastline between Ravenna and Rimini, Italy, photographed in August 2014. The colourful umbrellas create amazing geometric patterns which contrast dramatically with the golden sand

Winner, travel


Mt Kenya, 1963, by Simon Norfolk, UKThese fire lines I have drawn with a pyrograph indicate where the front of the rapidly disappearing Lewis Glacier on Mt Kenya was at various times in the recent past. In the distance, a harvest moon lights the doomed glacier remnant; the gap between the fire and ice represents the relentless melting. Relying on old maps and modern GPS I have made a stratified history of the glacier’s retreat. This flame line shows the glacier’s location in 1963

Winner, landscape


Untitled, from the series Solar Portraits in Myanmar, by Ruben Salgado Escudero, Spain
Mg Ko, 20 years old, a Shan farmer with his cow in Lui Pan Sone village, Kayah state, Myanmar. Just 26% of the country’s population, at least half of whom live in cities, have access to the electrical grid. Small, inexpensive photovoltaic power systems provide households with 12 hours of light overnight. These portraits depict the lives of inhabitants of remote areas of Myanmar who, for the first time, have access to electricity through solar power

Winner, portraiture


Intimate Room in Targsor Penitentiary, Romania, 2011, by Cosmin Bumbutz, RomaniaOnce Romania joined the EU in 2007, the whole prison system went through a major revamp. The biggest reform was to introduce the right to private visits. A prisoner who is married or in a relationship has the right to receive, every three months, a two-hour private visit which takes place in a separate room inside the prison compound. I started photographing the private rooms in 2008 and I have now photographed the private rooms inside all 35 Romanian penitentiaries

Winner, architecture

You can see the winners on The Guardian site

here is the Sony World Photography site