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The winners of the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards – in pictures

From The Guardian

Have iPhones dumbed down or democratised photography? You decide after viewing some of the winning entries from this years competition. I think having an iphone photography award is a bit like saying flat screen tv. It is a photography award the iphone bit is irrelevant.


Michal Koralewski from Kozieglowy, Poland, won photographer of the year with this image of an accordionist in a square in Warsaw.


Ahmed Saeed of Cairo, Eypt was placed first in the travel section with his vibrant image of the Nubian village of Gharb Sehal at Aswan.


Alexander Vu from Walnut, California, United States photographed Bob, who was painting a dormitory at an orphanage in Haiti and placed second in portraits.


Heather Goss of Granf Haven, United States took first place in seasons with her image of the pier at an iced-over Lake Michigan.


Ruiridh McGlynn of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, took this picture of a wind blasted tree in the desert in Qatar near the Saudi Arabian border and was awarded first place in the tree section.

See all the winners here

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