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Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II

From our old friend Ander McIntyre

6 things you didn’t know about focusing, but probably should

I found this on Digital Camera Magazine, an article about focusing issues.

portrait lenses on wall portrait in the background in landscape

Your camera and lenses are likely to suffer from front focus and back focus problems

There may be times when the camera confirms it has locked focus on a subject, but that subject appears out of focus in the final photo.

This is because some camera and lens combinations suffer from either front focus (where the photo is in focus in front of the focus point) or back focus (where the photo is in focus behind the focus point).

To improve focus accuracy, manufacturers include Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) as a menu option in many DSLRs.

AF Micro Adjustment enables you to compensate for front focus and back focus errors. You can make your own autofocus calibration test to help with the process, or use dedicated autofocus calibration software such as FoCal.

You’ll need to calibrate the AF for every combination of camera and lens you own, as well as saving AF Micro Adjustment settings for both the widest and longest settings on a zoom, as focusing errors are usually different at each focal length.

No I was unaware of this problem too, might need to check out my lenses