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Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

How an incredible coincidence sparked a Facebook plagiarism row

This is an interesting little tale, I think it shows how, as photographers we often see the same as other people. Anyway read on, from The Telegraph


©Sarah Scurr

Next time you’re lining up that perfect holiday photograph, you might consider checking there’s no-one standing beside you with the same scene in their viewfinder.

If you don’t, there’s a slim chance you could – like one Telegraph reader – fall victim to accusations of plagiarism almost a decade later.

In 2006, Sarah Scurr boarded a cruise from Puerto Montt in southern Chile to the San Rafael Glacier in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field…….Marisol Ortiz Elfeldt, a Chilean reporter and amateur photographer, was so adamant that she had taken Scurr’s photograph, she publicly denounced the Briton on Telegraph Travel’s Facebook page – posting her own “non-Photoshopped original” picture as proof:

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