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A beginner’s guide to garden photography

I found this useful article in The Telegraph

The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition is now open for entries. What could make your picture a winner?

Britain is seeing a surge in amateur garden photography. Over the past decade, the hobby has flourished and now has a cult-like following.

The growing talent and quality of photographs means garden photography competitions are inundated with exceptional entries. One leading competition is the International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY), which receives more than 20,000 entries.

“We’re looking for images that are absolutely special,” says Clive Nichols, one of the founders of the competition and a judge. “Not just technically, but also in terms of what they show. To win it, you really have to have a standout image.”

Philip Smith, managing director of the competition, has some practical advice (see overleaf) if you are looking to improve your garden photography. His favourite IGPOTY winners from previous years are shown here.


How do you plan a shoot?

What is the best light to shoot in?

Which colours work best together?

How do you compose a shot?

What is the ideal time of day to shoot your garden?

These are basic questions answered here follow the link for further advice on becoming a better plant and garden photographer

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