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The best photography exhibitions on now

There are a few photography exhibitions on at the moment in London, The Telegraph has listed them here,

Discover the best photography shows throughout London and the rest of the UK with The Telegraph

I have chosen this by Chris Stein to highlight, the others you can find here


Chris Stein’s photo shoot of Harry for Creem magazine in 1976. “With Chris’s style, the way he shot things, everything was chunky and bold. It was a documentation of an attitude,” Harry says Photo: CHRIS STEIN


Where: Somerset House
Address: Strand, WC2R 1LA
Until: January 24

In a nutshell: A few decades ago, up-and-coming punk-pop star Debbie Harry had a photographer on hand to chronicle her every move – her friend, bandmate and lover Chris Stein.

Read The Telegraph’s interview with Chris Stein

More here


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