Oxford School of Photography

insights into photography

PhotoStartSheet – Best Photo Links – the one place where every link you will ever need is listed

You know how it is, you are trying to look something up, you start with google, sometimes it is there first time but so often you are sent down blind alleys by advertising that you didn’t realise was advertising. Well here is a page of links that really does cover everything you are likely to need, although I am a bit pissed off that under UK Workshops The Oxford School of Photography is not listed, they clearly haven’t done their homework completely. Any way this is a really excellent resource, book mark it and use it for everything you need about photography.

The Photographers Start page

I always like to include pictures on every post but there are no obvious contenders for this one as it is just about links to other photographic related sites so I have chosen this picture of Isambard Kingdom Brunel by the launching chains of the SS Great Eastern by Robert Howlett, 1857 because it has more links than any picture that I can think of


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