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Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 6 top models tested and rated

Your best friend as a digital photographer is a calibrated monitor. You can use the on board monitor calibration systems that come with your computer but if you want it right you need a bit of kit. This article in Digital Camera World lists a selection and evaluates them for you.


Don’t let a deceptive display fool you. Calibrating your computer monitor lets your photos’ true colours shine through. Here we’ve rounded up six of the best monitor calibrators on the market and tested them to see which offers the best capability.

You’d have thought all monitors would come pre-set to display at their best. To be fair, an average user viewing holiday snaps will be usually be happy with default display settings.

However, imaging enthusiasts demand more – any colour casts or contrast bias just won’t do.  At the very least, you want other people to have the best chance of seeing the same colours as you see.

This is where monitor calibration comes in. By sticking an ‘electronic eye’ (a colorimeter) on your screen and firing a selection of colours at it, any colour discrepancies can be detected and your computer programmed to compensate its colour output for the traits of your monitor.

You can then edit your pictures knowing others will see what you see. What’s more, it needn’t cost big bucks to get great colour accuracy.

Read the review here

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