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Daily Archives: September 13, 2014

6 Life Lessons That Can Make You a Better Photographer

Yes, yes, yes  go read this, take it into your life and be a better photographer, by  Jason D. Little at Lightstalking

Photography can’t be all f-stops and shutter speeds; megapixels and frames per second shouldn’t dominate your thought process each time you reach for your camera. True, photography is an intriguing blend of art and science, so it’s not like fundamental principles of math and physics are irrelevant, but the science and engineering aspects have been taken care of for you. What is left for you, the photographer, is to create the art. Of course you need to know about exposure; having a functional understanding of how to control your camera is a must; and it’s nice to have a decent assortment of useful features on your camera. But these things don’t magically make you a better photographer any more than having a nice oven range and knowing a few recipes make one a chef. At the heart of meaningful, visually arresting photography lies attitude; how do you think and feel about what you’re shooting? Workshops and how-to guides certainly have their place when it comes to learning about photography, but such things will take you only so far. If you desire to become better at the intangibles, the things that are qualitative as opposed to quantitative, you might try drawing inspiration from a few lessons that can be applied to life itself as easily as they can be to photography. Here are some wonderful images for you

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Grand title winner Winner 2013  Animal Portraits Greg du Toit, South Africa

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Grand title winner Winner 2013

Animal Portraits Greg du Toit, South Africa

Wildlife Photographer of The Year Exhibition In Oxford


Steve McCurry Eye Witness

Svetlana Petrova

Svetlana Petrova Photography Project with a Cat an old masters

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.27.15

Oleg Oprisco


Magic In The Middle Kingdom: Michael Steverson


Fred Herzog – Photographer


Photographer Spotlight – Jill Greenberg




Bill Gekas Photographer


Jay Maisel


Don’t Look Away: Diane Arbus


No Breaks: Irving Penn


A Book Of Contrasts: Bill Brandt



Istanbul Taksim Gezi 071

Our Man In Damascus is now Our Man in Istanbul – John Wreford