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Vladimir Antaki – shopkeepers

Counter culture: shopkeepers from around the world – in pictures

Vladimir Antaki has been documenting shopkeepers all over the world. His project was born from his desire to document and pay tribute to these ‘guardians of urban temples’ that we meet everyday without really noticing From the Guardian


Rachid the butcher in Paris. All photographs: Vladimir Antaki/Barcroft Media


Alyssa in Montreal


Richard surrounded by hundreds of items in Montreal


Terrence in his bookshop in Montreal. “Bookstores, you know, are also a form of community centers. A lot of people come here just to sit and browse and chat with their friends. I’ve had people come in here, men and women who have met one an other and ended up getting married, for heaven’s sake.”

We teach about environmental portrait photography on our Portrait course

See more of Vladimir Antaki’s pictures here

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